A world tour to understand “how to teach 21st century skills?”

This page was updated Aug 21st, 2018.

My name is Anaïs, I am a French 30 years old woman who decided to travel the world to find out “how to teach 21st century skills”.

I started being interested in the future of learning, and the future of education working as a freelance in the field of new technologies. As a freelance, my job is to help employees understand how technologies, innovation and creativity could help them solve their day-to-day issues (let’s keep it broad for now). To do so, I have to understand the impact technologies have on people’s career, that is how I came across some key figures:

  • 65% of children entering primary school today will ultimately end up working in completely new job types that don’t yet exist (World Economic Forum)
  • 47% of jobs will disappear in the next 25 Years (Oxford University)
  • 7/10 people are currently in jobs where the future of their career, profession or industry is uncertain (Skills for Your Future, We Forum)

It means that our Education system must prepare us for:

  • Jobs that have NOT yet been created
  • Technologies that have NOT been invented yet
  • To solve problems that have NOT yet been anticipated.

So, what kind of education will allow student to cope with such uncertainty? What are the skills, knowledge, values, attitudes, competencies required to “survive” in the 21st century?

According to the World Economic Forum, to do well in the 21st century, students need more than traditional academic learning, they need competencies like collaboration, creativity and problem-solving and character qualities like persistence, curiosity, leadership, initiative, adaptability.  

The World Economic Forum (New Vision For Education, 2015) describes 21st century skills as follow:

  • Foundational literacies represent how students apply core skills to everyday tasks.
  • Competencies describe how students approach complex challenges.
  • Character qualities describe how students approach their changing environment.”

During my world tour, I will interview a variety of stakeholders (students, educators, teachers, NGO’s, corporates, tech developers) to understand concretely how can we teach 21st century skills?

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Ressources on the Future of Education and 21st century skills:

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